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Keynote Presentation Magic

As with everything they do, Charlie and Spencer delight in making your experience memorable, playful and informative and their Keynote presentations are no exceptions. Whether the participants are few, or a few thousand, a Creative Spirit Keynote presentation is a unique and wonderfully motivating experience. The keynote can stand-alone or be in combination with break–out workshops. Wake up your participants at your next conference!

Keynote topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Joy in Learning
  • Where Did the Fun Go?
  • Safer Schools–Smarter Students
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Creating Communities of Compassion
  • Beyond Dodgeball-Bringing Peace to our Playgrounds
  • Healthy Play Is A Solution- Taking Action!

Want to bring a Healthy Play Keynote presentation to your conference or seminar? Contact us today!

Letter of Reference

Roger Sowder, Executive Director, NMAESP

December 3, 2002 

To Whom It May Concern:

I would sincerely like to give reference to Charlie Steffens and Spencer Gorin of "Creative Spirit," who were featured presenters at the New Mexico Association of Elementary School Principals' State Conference in October of this year. In a time of transition in our state regarding all the hubbub of standards, benchmarks, accountability, mandates, reports, etc., etc., Charlie and Spencer's presentation was both timely and focused on the "real" work that needs to be done in our schools. 

To often in this time, New Mexico principals report that they are spending huge chunks of time daily to appease the rigors of imposed accountability. Principals are responding to those demands by closing their doors, "holing-up" as one principal stated, and sacrificing interaction with students and teachers alike. Charlie and Spencer brought us "out of the hole" by speaking sincerely from the heart about the critically important work that we do. By sharing ideas about how children best learn, and about meaningful activity which reminded us that learning can be fun, they helped us remember that as elementary school principals we can impact learning through implementation of "real, down-to-earth" fun activities in which children love to participate. They suggested activities that were practical, easily implemented, supportive of academic content, and which preserved children's esteem and self-concept. Both Charlie and Spencer spiced their presentation with humor and active participation of the attendees. They helped us remember the humanness of our endeavors through inspirational motivation. The "real" work is the "point of contact" between teacher/student, and even principal/student. By presenting interesting, creative activities and involving the attendees as active participants in the activities, we were helped to remember that "learning" can also be "fun!" Though Charlie and Spencer did not speak directly about those rigors of accountability, they reminded us that our work is not about the documentation of endless mandates...it's all about children and learning and being good human beings toward one another. I'm certain that "Creative Spirit" could inspire your conference as well.

Roger Sowder
Executive Director, NMAESP

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